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Soni Typing Tutor's new version has improved a lot to help you for your dream job typing test. We are continuously trying to serve you better. Download this right now and use. English typing and numeric typing are absolutely free. We charge only for Hindi typing.

Download Soni Typing Tutor - India's #1 Typing and Stenography Software

  • Download Free Trial Version (Learn English typing absolutely free)
  • English Typing, Hindi Typing (Unicode Mangal Font + KrutiDev/DevLys Font), 1000+ Exercises
  • Remington Gail/CBI/Inscript Layout
  • Daily Live Typing Test Series : See your rank and progress and compare with others.
  • All India Exams : NTPC, SSC CHSL/CGL, KVS, CRPF, Assam Rifles, BSF
  • All State Exams : MP-CPCT, UPPSC, UPPCL, UP Police, BELTRON, Rajasthan RSSB LDC, Rajasthan RSSB IA, RVVNL, Exams etc.
  • All Court and Stenography Exams : Raj. High Court, MP- High Court, Allahabad HC, Supreme Court, Session Courts, All Judicial Assistant Exams

Download the best Hindi Typing Master software

You can learn Hindi Typing, Marathi typing and Punjabi typing very easily by the means of Soni Typing Tutor. This is the India’s #1 Hindi Typing Master for learn and practice Hindi typing. Before going into details, you must know why is it designed? The basic purpose of creating such software is to crack the government exams (SSC, CPCT, CRPF, CISF, State government exams like Rajasthan High Court, RSSB LDC, RSSB IA, Allahabad High Court, UP Police etc.) that consider the typing test as one of their key rounds.

Get your dream job with the full support of our user-friendly software that makes sure that your typing gets better day by day. We provide English typing software free of cost and charge only for learning fast typing in Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi typing.

It is a dual-purpose software that allows the users to practice typing in both English and Hindi Languages. When it comes to Hindi typing, Marathi typing and Punjabi typing it’s not a big task as it seems like. All you need is an effective mentor guiding you each and every single step in the process of typing with due care and attention.

We are here to help you out in every manner. So, we introduce to our users a total of 1000+ typing exercises for building up their typing skills. We expect that they go through the instructions first, and then get started with back-to-back exercises. All that matters is catering to every need with our best possible methods of training. Whether it’s an office job or a government exam, we presume that they work with a fast pace and full efficiency.

The software makes you good enough and completely ready for appearing for the government exams. It makes you so efficient that you start taking typing a piece of cake and type even without looking at the keyboard. Just imagine! That much proficient huh!!

You must be thinking how is it possible? Then let me tell you that nothing is bigger than hard work. If you start paying attention to it on a daily basis, trust me when I say this, you will ace in typing tests.

For excelling in it, all you need is to work on your typing skills by going through the tutorials for once. Once you are done with going through the topmost tricks of typing, you are all set to go ahead with a number of exercises that have been designed just to get clarity and perfection with time. You can make a habit of daily performing two-three typing tests for checking your accuracy and to see where exactly do you stand. As a result, you will be informed to make corrections and advised not to repeat them again in the future.

Why there is a need to download this software on PC?

  • Specially made for government typing entrance exams. It has all the typing options/settings as per real exams conducted by government.
  • You can make the most of the training sessions even without having internet access. Isn’t this great? Yes, as you can simply download the software on PC and soon get started working on your typing skills.
  • Also, it won’t consume much of your memory space and will save you from paying the monthly internet expenses.
  • Moreover, it prevents you from wasting your time, as in, while making searches of online websites that check the accuracy and typing speed of every visitor.
  • As it gets installed on your PC, it wards off many kinds of distractions you easily come across while looking for something online. It brings your focus back on track and pushes you to spend time practicing as much as you can.
  • Overall, it makes one pro at typing in a few days. It is no big deal and one can grasp the rules of Hindi, Marathin and Punjabi Typing without straining much.
  • It acts as a teacher interpreting the following steps and correcting the mistakes the students make while going through the exercises. You can daily make yourself typing two-three exercises repeatedly for enhancing and polishing your typing skills.
  • You can take a leap of faith and see how efficient it will turn your typing skills into. For your kind information, more than 10 Lakh users have shown interest in developing their typing skills via Soni Typing Tutor.
  • For using English Typing, you will be not charged, but for Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi typing, you will be asked to pay a penny as per the plan you decided to learn typing with.
  • It is too informative and useful in cracking different kinds of entrance exams or interview rounds you applied for.
  • When it comes to the software, it expects your full attention and involvement in it. It is advised to attempt exercises with sheer concentration and interest.
  • What is holding you back? There is no harm in experimenting with a source known for fostering typing skills within you. Thus, I think you should not waste even an ounce of time thinking about this software and get this software right away and start working on your typing skills. It’s never too late. It is worth buying as there will be no halt in your career progression and this software will help you in achieving a high-paying job with a fast typing pace.
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